• YOUR SCORE ON CREDIT KARMA OR OTHER WEBSITES IS DIFFERENT THAN A LENDER PULLED FICO.  The only way to Know what your score is, is to have the loan officer pull it. 
  • DIFFERENT LENDERS CAN DO LOANS WITH DIFFERENT SCORES.  Ask your Real Estate Agent to help you choose the right lender 
  • DONT PAY OFF SOMETHING ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT!  - First let's assess whether that will help your score or hurt it.    You may want to leave the debt alone because paying on it will refresh it to a current line item.  If you do pay it, best scenario is to do a PAY TO DELETE with DOCUMENTATION sent to you while you are holding so you can use that to get an Immediate RE-Score on your credit.  Paying it off without it being deleted can actually hurt your credit
  • Don't let anything new go into collection or past due while you are working on getting your loan approved.
  • Dont' open any new lines of credit until AFTER YOU CLOSE on the account unless your lender specifically tells you to.

Sometimes you can make an item INVISIBLE on your credit report.  This is especially true of MEDICAL DEBT/BILLS  Those are items you can DISPUTE with the credit report.

To Dispute Items on your credi report: (*you have to do each one separately)




This will give you a false looking boost to your score ... This only makes it invisible temporarily and you cannot leave most items in dispute after you get your loan application going.  The lender will ask you to resolve or remove them from dispute.  So you can use a dispute to temporarily make that item invisible but either you need to resolve it or get it removed ... (** only exception is Medical)


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