Real Estate Lead Services with Zero Upfront Costs

As real estate agent leads are what keeps your business churning and keeping your pipeline full is ideal in a career where self production is #1. How do agents keep their pipelines full so that they don’t experience down times or months with no income? They can do so by utilizing the many services out there who offer lead services for agents with zero upfront costs. These services are a great way for agents on a budget or those who are new to the business to not only earn money but also begin to grow their pipeline and book of business.

Here are some of the top services that offer leads to agents at no upfront cost


OpCity is a company located in Austin, Texas and is one of America’s largest lead buyers. OpCity purchases millions of real estate leads from around the web. Not only do they provide leads, but OpCity also calls, filters, and continually follows up with inquiries until the perfect client is ready to be handed over to a referring agent.

There are no upfront costs with OpCity. Instead, OpCity is paid a referral at closing. There zero fees until you’ve closed the deal and have earned money yourself. For more information on OpCity’s lead program for real estate agents you can check them out at


HomeLight has a similar business model to OpCity in that they pass live referrals to agent with no upfront costs. With a staff that screens leads similarly to OpCity, Homelight services are free to use and require payment only once the lead has bought or sold a property.

For more information regarding HomeLight and their services for real estate agents you can visit them at

Agent Pronto

Lesser known than the other two, AgentPronto offers a referral lead service similar to OpCity & Homelight. Buyers & Sellers who utilize Agent Pronto’s service will fill out criteria that they are looking for and they will be paired with an agent that is seen as the best fit for them. Like the others, there are no upfront costs and agents will only pay a referral fee if they successfully close a transaction with the client.

Learn more about Agent Pronto via

These companies are able to offer their services free of upfront charge due to the quality of agent they work with. Throughout the entire process they require agents keep them updated on the status of the client, etc. If an agent signed up with these companies doesn’t plan on following their rules along those lines they can be removed from the system. With them spending millions acquiring leads, these companies look to partner with agents with whom they can trust!

These services are excellent for agents who are new to the business, new to their area, or are just looking for a bump in business. The referral fee ranges from 20-35% so agents with a hefty split with their brokerage can see slim profits. If you are an agent who is apart of a 100% commission firm, companies like OpCity & the like are an excellent lead source!

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