License Assistance Program

Wingman Realty will assist qualified candidates in achieving his/her license if desired. The scholarship program works as follows.

Wingman Realty Broker or Office Manager will assess your skill sets, traits, performance, work experience, DISC profile and work ethic to analyze if you are a good candidate for a student loan program.  Under this program, Wingman Realty will pay for the upfront cost to attain your licensing requirements (up to $100) and if you are a W-2 employee will also continue to pay your hourly wage while you attend class.  If you select to accept this student loan, you will fill out a promissory agreement to agree to repay for the costs paid for by WRG at the rate of $200/transaction for up to the first 5 transactions/closings.  After you have fulfilled the one year commitment to the The Shopper Team* – you will receive a flat bonus of $1000.  If you 1) fail to get your license 2) get your license and do not remain on the WRG for a minimum of one (1) calendar year from the date of receiving your license, you will be required to pay back the $500 immediately to Wingman Realty. 

* Joining The Shopper Team has its responsibilities as well.  See More Info About Joining The Shopper Team.