Download the 1st 100 days in Word Doc  ) 


  • Take Pre-License course (4 days) ($250 est)
  • Send in Fingerprint/KBI packet ($65)
  • Take Test ($65 est)
  • Take Practice Course (4 days)  ($200 est)
  • Complete App – have Broker Sign off and send in ($100  + app fee)
  • Sign Office and/or Team Agreements
  • Sign Acknowledgement of Policy manual
  • Schedule an appointment to get headshot photo


************* AFTER LICENSE IS RECEIVED **************


  • Join KCRAR (pro-rated $500 + 1x start up fee)
  • Get MLS access (est $50 set up fee & $75/quarter)
  • Get Supra e-key ($15/mo – paid quarterly est
  • Contact Centralized Showing and get your showing code (free for buyers agents -  small fee only when you list properties)
  •  Sign up for DOTLOOP (free – use code Heartland13)
  • Get email from broker/admin: ________________________________________
  • Get door code from broker/admin:  ___________________________________
  • Get access to :  _____________________________________
  • Get access to Craig Proctor training website (Shopper Team only): ______________________
  • Purchase a domain for you to use to point to your own personalized website and for printing on your business card  ( = $10)
  •  Order Business Cards with Office Admin

********************** TRAINING *********************

  • Sign up for MLS Orientation
  • Sign up for Code of Ethics training at KCRAR
  • Sign up for (free) and review training info and downloads and Realtor discounts available
  • You may check out any of the training materials from the office Training Library -  in the back and you may burn copies of it for yourself – so long as you return the original
  • Login to KCRAR and review available classes at the KCRAR office – Register to take a Core Class and a Contracts class within first 100 days
  • Send out an email blast to all your contacts letting them know of your new career (don’t be a “secret agent”
  • Complete the Mandatory Training Videos Section in Back Office
  • Take OSA (Outside Sales Agent)  training  = 11 modules (Shopper Team only)    username:  [email protected]    pw:  Wingman1
  • ISA's to take the ISA training   6 Modules =
  • Register to be on the weekly Role Play call (Shopper Team only)
  • Read Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Realtor bible)
  • Review 101 Ways to Promote Your Website (available in backoffice under Internet Marketing Resources folder)
  • Memorize the Universal Call Back Script (Shopper Team only is required  ) - Download Script Here     USE Online Form for Universal Call Back Script

 ******************** MARKETING ***********************

  • Get IDX website URL
  • Point domain (forward) to the IDX website
  • Create email signature with custom links – (Shopper Team – use email signatures provided – see Admin for details)
  • Set up your calendar – input all appointments in the calendar – input all kids activities, input all doctor appts, birthday parties etc. training classes and role play calls on the your calendar,  block out time for client appointments,  - (Make sure your calendar syncs from phone to computer)
  • Before you sign up for any marketing materials, lead sources etc research them online or ask at least 3 agents if they have every used/tried before wasting the money (i.e. understanding Zillow is only going to get you referrals if you have testimonials and previous sales etc)
  • Register on (NAID info on BackAgent under Quick Resources folder)
  • Complete the Wingman “15 in 15 Referral Challenge” (Download Script)
        1. Contact entire phone contact list – using script provided. 
        2. You will have 4 weeks to complete this challenge.
        3. Complete the tracking form and turn in to your team leader to collect your Challenge Reward
  • Announce your Career on your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc = Don't Be a "SECRET AGENT!"