The Guaranteed Sale

"Buy This House and I'll Buy Yours"

or  (these 2 things are the same) 

"Your Home Sold Guaranted or I'll Buy It:"  

 (FYI only -  not for sharing but so you understand) 

Terms / Conditions:  If the seller wants to buy one of my listings,, i will agree to buy their home at 90-95% of market value in 120 days.  if they the get a higher offer that the this and refuse to take it - this voids my guarantee).  No 1-ended Guarantees .. they have to be buying one of my listings  -  nothing outside of our area   people wantint the guarantee must purchase one of our listings  clsoing date must be 120 days from time guarantee issued. no country properties, nothing over $300,000  - don't discuss th guarantee price 

Guarantee for Buyers:

Buyer Guarantee:  "if you don't lover your house in the first year we will sell it for free (no listing commission)"

(terms:  they must buy another one of our listings - this does not include the buyer agent commission)